Recommended links from ACR14 Blogging Bootcamp

These are a few of my favourite blogs… Most of these examples were mentioned in my ‘Blogging Bootcamp’ talk at the ACR 2014 meeting in Boston but sadly there was no time to go into any detail. I hope you enjoy exploring some of these blogs which I think illustrate why rheumatologists should consider blogging. I am sure I have left out many masterpieces, and if you have any other recommendations for the rheumatology ‘Blogging Hall of Fame’, please let me know! Apologies to all those that I’ve left out. I am not aware of any female rheumatology bloggers out there and actively blogging, but if there are please let us know. Paul Sufka’s blog

Ronan Kavanagh’s blog

Carlo Caballero’s Meta Blog

Irwin Lim’s Blog

Other Rheumatology Blogs

Other recommended medical blogs

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